New Year, New Novel, New Blog Post

Last night (or, early this morning, rather), I wrapped up the first draft of Hammered. It’s still on the thin side, and I know there are a few more scenes left to write, but the feeling that comes with writing “The End”?

There are no words.

The really great thing is that I’ve got the same feeling I had when I wrapped up Shadows, that feeling of intense satisfaction that, even if no one else likes this story, I do.

Of course, if I have to cut out all of Luke’s cursing, I might be left with a flash story rather than a full novel, but I’ll deal with that later. Mouthy thing, Luke is.

And, also, hello Muse! Good to have you back. Hope you’ll stick around for a bit, because I’d really like to get D-B wrapped up sometime this century.

Perhaps 2009 will be the year of novel completion. Goodness knows I’ve got enough of them floating around in various stages of undress.

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