The last section of SUN has been sent to the first readers.

*bites nails*

This is an odd place, I find, being “done”, but not being “done”. I mean, I know I’m a multi-drafter (I’ve made peace with this fact, thought that peace has been aided by awesome Ms. Agent). I think, with SHADOWS, I did eight edits before Diana said “Okay, time to send it out” and right now, I’m only on edit three for SUN – five more to go!

What I love about this stage, though, is that from now on in, the editing process becoming collaborative in nature, and that, from my perspective, is where the real magic begins. It’s like working on a song in the practice room and then taking it into the lesson studio, where my teacher and my acccompanist would help me hone the song into something that fits me and my vision for it – song-couture, I guess. So perhaps this is novel tailoring? Yes. I think so.

Doesn’t mean I’m not biting my nails as I wait to see what the first eyeballs have to say, though!

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3 thoughts on “Well…

  1. I’m hurt.

    I’m not one of the first eyeballs….

    (pout, pout).

    But, I get the nail-biting wait bit.

    You’ll be fine 🙂

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