Cat, Donkey, Fish – a Photo Essay

Fitzy, posing:


Cat, preparing for Halloween by chillaxing:


Autumn, being glorious:


Fish, on their way to spawn:




(The last week or so has been filled with mayhem and mishaps, including computer and car issues. This week promises to be much better with a sister/niece/brother-in-law visit, though that means I will continue to be scarce in these parts. Hope everyone’s safe and well!)

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2 thoughts on “Cat, Donkey, Fish – a Photo Essay

  1. I just read Princess of the Stars on the Expanded Horizons website. I found it charming, as are your website and blog. Thanks for a pleasant experience.

    Having to sign up on Worldpress just to leave a thank-you is a bit daunting, but I managed.

    1. My apologies for the difficulty responding – I’ve corrected that now. And thank you for reading and for your kind comment! I really appreciate both!

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