With Glowing Hearts

A slam poet
kd lang singing Leonard Cohen
Ashely MacIsaac and a bunch of mohawk-wearing-tap-stomping-punk fiddlers
Wayne Gretzy and Rick Hansen (among others!)
Horses running across a golden prairie
Terry Fox’s mom…

(Oh, and the whale! I almost forgot about the whales!)

…are all reasons Canadians can be proud of the Olympic opening ceremonies. It wasn’t glitzy (thank goodness!), but it was very Canadian.

But, the reason I am most proud: the four chiefs of the local First Nations were given first leader status and seated with other heads of state, and the Métis people – MY people – were given a place in the opening ceremonies all with all the other First Nations of Canada. This, after all that has happened to us, after our histories were erased, after all the sadness. I danced with them in my heart. How beautiful was it to have a medicine wheel out there for all the world to see?

And also? Please, thank you, and zed.

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