The Nemesis Novel

So. Last night, I dug out a rewritten chapter of the Nemesis Novel and read through it. And was not happy. At all.

The note I wrote to myself was: this feels contrived and anemic.

And then, I went to bed, hoping that sleep would either change my mind or deliver some insight in what to do with this Nemesis Novel.

This morning, I sat down and wrote out some options. I could chuck Nemesis entirely and never look at it again, something I’ve threatened to do more times that I can count, and have never been able to go through with because of how attached I am to some of the characters.

The next option was to split the story up because I’ve felt for a while that Nemesis is actually two stories that I’ve been trying to splice together, which is why, in its current form, it feels so contrived. But, if I split the story into two, what would I be left with?

I didn’t know. So I sat down and did some “what if” rambling…

And yes indeed, this story is two stories. One is a contemporary YA that’s going to be harrowing to write, which is actually quite exciting. And the other? It’ll be a YA magic-realism-historical thingy. With barbarians running amok. Because, of course, this is what barbarians do, is it not?

The moral of the story? Listen to my gut. If it’s telling me that really, these are two stories, then listen to it, because I think it first told me this a year or two ago, and had I listened at the time, I would have saved myself a lot of work and agony.

And with that settled, I’m off to construct plot summaries, which, I’ve discovered, I rather enjoy doing!

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2 thoughts on “The Nemesis Novel

  1. I’m glad you came to some conclusions regarding Nemesis Novel. It’s great that you were able to see that it’s really two stories. And it sounds exciting now that you know what those stories are and perhaps have a better idea of how to approach them. Yay for you!

  2. Is this the Italy time-travel, father morphed into mother, blue barbarian novel? I was rather enjoying that one. Actually, I’ve enjoyed all the tidbits of your writing that I’ve sampled. My hope is to actually get to read something in its entirety someday.

    Happy writing, Catherine.

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