March Reads

1. The Magician’s Elephant – Kate diCamillo (a lovely, lovely book, but then, it’s Kate diCamillo. Of course it’s lovely!)

2. Heal Your Body – Louise L. Hay (a bit woo-woo, but nonetheless, surprisingly insightful…)

3. Spirits of the Earth – Bobby Lake-Thorn (wasn’t sure when I took this out from the library, but it turned out to be very useful for the SHADOWS revisions…)

4. The Night Tourist – Katherine Marsh (great cover art…as for the content, I’m invoking Thumper’s Edict…)

5. The Natural Remedy Book for Women – Diane Stein (a super-helpful book, this one….)

6. Women Overseas: Memoirs of the Canadian Red Cross Corps – ed. Frances Martin Day et al (lots of thoughts after reading this, including, Could I do what these women did? I’m not sure…)

7. The Pricker Boy – Reade Scott Whinnem (an awesome read – super creepy, and yet, touching. I think this book has been flying under the radar, but man, IMO, it sure deserves to be read!)

8. Light Beneath Ferns – Anne Spollen (fantastic cover art, and the opening held such promise, but, for me, this one just didn’t come together.

9. Eating in the Light of the Moon – Anita Johnson (this is one of those books that, for me, changed everything…)

10. Joan – Donald Spoto (a very readable account of Joan of Arc’s life. It contains some of the transcripts from her trial – powerful. Haunting. Disturbing (not Joan’s words, but the lengths the men involved in her trial went to condemn her…)

In other news…I had hoped to wrap up revisions on SHADOWS today, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’ve only finished up to Ch 5 on the line-by-line pass, so unless the rest is miraculously typo-and-picky-stuff free, it looks like it’ll be done tomorrow. However…I am pleased with the changes! Now, back to work for me…

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