April Reads

1. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – J.K. Rowling (from a writer’s perspective, it was interesting to see how Rowling’s writing has matured from the first book. I think this was my favorite of the series…)

2. SONG OF THE SPARROW – Lisa Ann Sandell (hmm. I have thoughts about these novels-in-verse. Seems to me that most of them are prose arranged prettily on the page. Not to say that this wasn’t a good read – I found it very enjoyable – but I do wonder what, aside from the formatting, makes a novel-in-verse a novel-in-verse. There’s only one that I’ve read that absolutely depended on the form to function as verse (that would be THE CRAZY MAN, by Pamela Porter, which, from my perspective, is also the best I’ve read). Dunno. More thinking required, probably.)

3. ARCHANGEL – Sharon Shinn (I enjoyed sinking into this one…ah, no deep-thinking required, and yet, a plain ol’ good story. Not without issues, but ya know, I’m willing to forgive a lot if the story keeps me hooked.)

4. ROXIE AND THE HOOLIGANS – Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (strange little story, this one. Kids get shipwrecked…except the ship is a garbage bin. Very strange.)

5. FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK – Melina Marchetta (oh, I wanted to adore this so much, since I *adored* ON THE JELLICOE ROAD, but….so many buts. The main “but” was a major problem with the ending that, for me, destroyed the believability of the entire plot. *sad face* I may write more about this one from a craft perspective at a later date, but. JELLICOE ROAD. Read it, yes!)

6. THE WHITE DARKNESS – Geraldine McCaughrean (Hmm. Some amazing writing in this story, and despite some minor qualms about what the main character chooses to believe, I really enjoyed this. Plus, Antarctica!)

7. MAYBE – Brent Runyon (I think every male protag story is going to pale when compared to SOMEDAY THIS PAIN WILL BE USEFUL TO YOU (if you haven’t read this, please consider doing so!), but nevertheless, a good ‘un.)

May will likely prove to be an un-reading month due to traveling, but, I’m hoping to hit a couple of US bookstores and load up on a few things I’ve been coveting for a while…

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2 thoughts on “April Reads

  1. I’m glad they’re useful, Rose. I think SONG OF THE SPARROW might be of particular interest to you…

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