Road Trip 2010: the illustrated best-of edition!

Best Breakfast: Perry’s, San Diego
Runner-up: Peggy Sue’s, Yermo, California
(though, in truth, the best breakfasts were at my sister’s…)

Best Restaurant: Clemente’s, Astoria, Oregon
(Runner ups: Isla, Las Vegas, and Café Jeanty, Yauntville (Napa Valley, and Pazzo, Portland, Oregon, which had the BEST gnocchi I’ve ever had)


Best Wine Tasting: Castello di Amoroso (in a 121,000 sq foot castle! How could it not be?)


Apparently, this place even has a torture chamber!

Best Coffee: Café Astoria, Astoria, Oregon (I swear, this town is full of gems!)
Runner-up: Lamill Coffee, Silverlake, Los Angeles

Best Bread: Rollin N’ Dough Bakery, Gold Beach, Oregon
Runner-up: the bakeries at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Best Unusual Food: Grilled Peanut Butter, Banana, and Chocolate Sandwich, Lamille Coffee, LA

Best Ice Cream: Three Twins, Napa (all spice ice cream! Rice milk ice cream! Yay for both!)

Best Campsite: Cape Lookout, Oregon

That’s the DH dancing in the background…

Best Grocery Store: Whole Foods everywhere.

Best Doughnuts: Cockadoodle Doughnuts, Port Angeles, Washington

Best View: from the top of Heceta Lighthouse, Oregon


This isn’t taken right from the top of the lighthouse as it was too squishy up there, but it’s the next best thing…

Runner-up: from Castello di Amoroso


Best (and scariest) bridge: The Astoria bridge, with the largest span in North America


Best Touristy Thing: (after Disneyland, of course) a tie between La Brea Tar Pits, LA, The San Diego Wild Animal Park, the LA Arboretum (thanks for taking us there, Deb!) and The Flavel House, Astoria


Dem bones, dem bones, dem fossilized bones…

Anyhow, there’s more to come…stay tuned…

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip 2010: the illustrated best-of edition!

  1. Great pics! So you were visiting near me? That is awesome!
    Let me know if you come to the area again some time, as I would love to meet up to say hi.
    Hope you had a wonderful time!
    I have always wanted to go to the tar pits. I may make it this year, yet!

    1. Hi Sue,
      Odds are I’ll be down again fairly soon as my sister lives down there. I wished I could have seen more friends, but I hadn’t seen my sister since Christmas so visiting with her, her hubby, and my niece was the priority this trip. But next time, yes, a visit would be awesome – it would be so nice to meet you in person!

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