A Day in the Writing Life

The 2011 debut group on Livejournal has a weekly “Day in the Writing Life” feature, and today, it’s my turn to share. So, I figured while I was posting over there, I’d post here too…

For my Day in the Writing Life post, I thought I’d give you all a virtual tour of my offices!

First, the Official Office…


Note how neat and tidy my desk is (mostly). Heh. That’s because I cleaned it up especially for this post. Most days, it looks like a bomb went off, which, I believe, is a sign of a genius at work. At least, that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better!

Also, note the sign on my bulletin board:


Heh…I’ll let you know how that works out.

Next! Satellite Office #1: The Farm

Four days a week, I hang out with my buddy William. What I love about riding is that there’s no possible way to think about anything other than riding, and that means, no obsessing about writing! Also, William is rather cute. Here we are, doing our thing:


The satellite office also comes complete with donkeys, for what is an office without donkeys?


Now, off to: Satellite Office #2: The Forest Behind My House.

I am so lucky to live on the edge of an 800 hectare green space called the Beaver Lodge Lands (and yes, there are beavers!).



On the days when the words just won’t come and I feel like ripping my hair from my head, I go into the woods, and without fail, halfway through my walk, whatever I was struggling with usually resolves itself.

However, I almost always go without a notepad (you’d think I would learn…) which means I mumble the resolved issue to myself all the way home so I don’t forget it.

And, what would offices be without assistants? Mine don’t have opposable thumbs, which makes it hard for them to do useful things like make tea and take notes and tidy my mess. However, they are experts at throwing themselves across my keyboard and knocking over cups of tea.


But, they are also useful for making me not take myself too seriously, which is never a bad thing for a writer.

Thus ends the tour of my offices. Thanks for tagging along!

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One thought on “A Day in the Writing Life

  1. What a wonderful post, Cat! I can imagine that your access to the beauty outdoors helps tremendously when you’re stuck. I find myself walking around my house at times, mumbling to myself. Too bad my surroundings aren’t quite so lush. 🙂

    I love your helper in the office, too. 🙂

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