October Update

1. Our hotel room has a chaise lounge. I’ve always believed a writer should have such a thing, and so I’ve been spending my days chaising. This is as it should be.

2. I’ve got a line on a retired Prix St George dressage horse that may be coming up for lease. I’m going to meet him on Thursday, along with a potential coach. Fingers crossed!

3. Health has been up and down. Some days are good, some days less than optimal, but I’m getting it figured out, slowly but surely.

4. The second editorial letter for SHADOWS arrived shortly before we moved out of our house, so whilst chaising, I am also busy marking up the manuscript. Most of the changes I need to make aren’t big, but there are one or two that I just haven’t been able to get my brain around, and they’re the one or two which will impact every single thing in both this book and the next. Fortunately, le chaise lounge has a fantastic view of the harbour and Newcastle Island (which the husband and I hiked on the weekend, so there will be photos – hopefully the ones of the mink we saw turned out!). My camera cables are all packed, so here’s a photo off the internet that’s close to my view:


Not bad to stare at while trying to figure things out, huh?

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