Newcastle Island Adventure

On Tuesday, Mikel and I headed off to Newcastle Island for a surprise birthday camping trip. Newcastle Island is a short water taxi ride away from Nanaimo’s harbour, and it’s a beautiful place, with lots of trails and sandstone beaches and, apparently, an albino raccoon population. We didn’t see any of them, but we did see other things…

…like a glimpse of an elusive Mikel-creature…


…and a perfectly purple starfish…


…and oyster-catchers oyster-catchering…


…and, what’s that in the water?


It’s a raccoon!


Not an albino one, but still, it’s not every day one sees a raccoon swimming around.

So, a nice trip was had, and now, back to work…

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5 thoughts on “Newcastle Island Adventure

  1. Great pictures! Cute raccoon (and the Mikel-creature is kinda cute, too, lol). I hadn’t heard about the albino raccoons — now I have to Google them.

    Glad you had a good trip. 🙂

    1. The albino raccoons are technically known as “Golden Raccoons”, apparently, but everyone calls them white, so….dunno. I’m planning a stakeout…:)

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Never been too Newcastle Island, but I did paddle around it in a Kayak a couple of weeks ago, which was really fun. But now I see that I’m going to have to actually step onto the island. Hehe.

    1. No worries, Sheena. Always good to hear from you, and I think you’d love Newcastle. I’d love to kayak around it, that’s for certain!

      And also, word has it that a certain someone is making a return to the Island….this is very exciting news!

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