Snow Day!

Today’s the perfect sort of day to be inside, writing, or, if you’re a black cat, to gaze out at the snow while the human writes:


But if you’re a bird, the backyard was where the party was at:


(Juncoes, pine siskins, varied thrushes, and a sparrow or two…)

And this little Anna’s hummingbird sat and watched it all go down:


(In other news, I’m busy working on a bunch of things – a middle grade something and a YA fantasy something – as well as prepping for an upcoming California trip. I haven’t been on a plane in eons, and, well, I’m a bit nervous (bit meaning a lot)…think safe flying thoughts for me!)

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3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Safe-flying thoughts being thunk. Think some for me, too — I’m flying to see my sis in a couple weeks. With this fab weather in BC, I’m kinda wishing my sis lived in California, too…. 😉

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