Post Holiday Round-Up, and My First Author Event!

So. I arrived back from holidays last week only to be knocked down by a killer cold-flu thing. Four days of fever, followed by several days of feeling like I was no longer attached to my body. Today’s the first day I’ve had any real energy, and wow, do I ever have a lot to catch up on!

Anyhow, the holiday was fantastic – time with family, my first 5km run (through Disneyland at night, no less!), and even a trip to the beach. Beautiful! And, more importantly, I dealt with a major fear of mine: flying. I can’t say I’ll ever be comfortable with flying, but I did it, and survived, and am glad to tell the tale. Hopefully, the next flight I take will be even easier!

Then, it was onto the cold-flu, and thankfully, it let up enough for me to attend my first author event this past weekend. I attended the BC Book Fair, which is the semi-annual fair for independent booksellers in my province. I was shown around by Kate Saunders of Simon and Schuster, and got to meet all sorts of lovely book people. Then, Monday morning, I participated in an author breakfast, where I presented SHADOWS CAST BY STARS for the first time. Cue the nerves! But, it seemed to go well, and I also got to meet Marissa Meyer, lovely author of CINDER.

Anyhow, it’s now back to work for me – I have a middle grade novel that requires finishing post-haste, and two YA novels that are begging for my attention. Plus, March is shaping up to be a really busy month, with a writing retreat and a Reiki retreat and lots of pre-planning for the launch of SHADOWS. All of this makes me very happy – a busy me is a happy me!

And on that note, I should away, but not before posting a picture of me, snapped by my husband, at Manhattan Beach in California!

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4 thoughts on “Post Holiday Round-Up, and My First Author Event!

  1. I have another friend who ran the marathon in Disney! I should’ve hooked you two up!

    All of these author events, etc. sound so exciting! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new book. So happy for you!

    And I love the picture! Now, get back to work, Missy. 🙂 xox

    1. Hi Rose! Your comment was in my spam folder – bad spam folder! Anyhow, I didn’t run the marathon–just the 5km–but maybe a half-marathon next year. We’ll see!

      And, yes, back to work for me!

  2. Great photo! You look… warm… that’s so not fair, lol. Just kidding — I’m glad you got some beautiful weather in California! 🙂

    March does sound busy. I think it’ll be busy for me, too, but it sure will be nice to close out the month with a writing retreat!

    Happy writing!

    1. It was SO warm, Shari! Just like our August – a real treat, that’s for sure!

      And yes, writing retreat! So nice to have that to look forward to….

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