Wordapalooza #7

Words: 3000, on the dot.
Reason for stopping: because I’m in a funk. I’m amazed at how one moment the biggest writerly thing I’m worried about is whether anyone will read my book, and then, in the blink of an eye, that changes to being worried about whether anyone will like my book.

I am surprised that writers have fingernails. Mine may not fair well over the next six weeks.

In other less-unflattering news, this is day seven, and so, totals!
Project #1: 13,744
Project #2: 21,158

So, now the honeymoon is over and I’m into the hard work. Not that it ever gets easy. It just gets different.

PS: Favourite things post tomorrow, promise!

Also: taken on a walk last week:

Neck Point April

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3 thoughts on “Wordapalooza #7

    1. Eh, who needs fingernails, anyhow? 😉

      Next time you’re down, we’ll grab coffees/teas and go for a walk down where I took that photo, k?

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