Wordapalooza #10

Words: 3000
Reason for stopping: so tired! I got started late today, due to a whole host of reasons, and then, fatigue set in. I’ve recently upped my running mileage, and I think that, plus trying to figure out how to get enough protein when I’ve gone vegetarian, is taking its toll. Hmm. Must do some research.

On the other hand, my regular run is now 7km, so I’m not complaining!

And just because, here’s a photo of a baby muskox, from a few years back when we were up in Alaska. Baby musk ox! Eee!

Musk Ox

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3 thoughts on “Wordapalooza #10

  1. Baby musk ox!!! Oh, the cuteness! 🙂

    Re protein — are you doing dairy? Because I often rely on whey protein isolate to get my protein (protein shakes made from lactose-free milk, the protein powder mix, and berries or whatever fruit I have). About 24 g protein, plus whatever’s in the milk (or you can mix it with water or juice, but I don’t find the taste as satisfying).

    Yay for keeping up with the words! You’re doing awesome! And 7k — yahoo! 🙂

    1. I know, isn’t he/she just the cutest thing?

      Yes, I’m doing some dairy, so I’ll check out the whey protein isolate. Do you have a brand you like (because I’ve heard some of them are kinda yucky…)?

      1. I usually buy E.D.G.E. brand. I get the vanilla because it tastes great with berries, bananas, mango, pineapple, whatever. They have an unflavoured one, but I haven’t tried it. Both Quality Foods and the health-food store here carry it, so shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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