Wordapalooza #11

Words: 4000
Reason for stopping: I know what happens next! Always a good place to stop.

It’s amazing when I get an early start on the writing. I mean, not early in real-job terms, but I had a thousand words written before noon, which left me time to get chores and running-around done, and then, time for evening words.

Also: so far, I’ve been working on two big projects, one that’s middle grade, and a second that’s YA. Tomorrow, I’m going to take a peek at another middle grade project that’s been hanging around for a while, one that I adore beyond adoration, because I think it’s time. I don’t know if I’ll work on it right now, but I definitely think it’ll be one of my summer editing projects (I tend to write during the non-sunny months and editing during the sunny ones, because I edit on hard-copy, and that means I can take my work out to the sundeck….ah, bliss!). So, I may begin re-reading to see what needs to be done (and, River Writer peeps, this is one you saw ages ago, involving, among other things, a hedge!), just because.

Also, dear April: you’re almost over. There are things I need to have happen in April, so, ya know, get on it? Or, if not April, maybe before my birthday, cuz that’s just around the corner. You know, just a gentle reminder. Love, me.

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