Wordapalooza #12

Words: 4100
Reason for stopping: the usual – getting sleepy!

I’m more than halfway along this Wordapalooza thingy – eight days left, actually – and I’m actually surprised at a few things.

One: Freedom is my ally. I mean, I knew that (Freedom being a nice little app that disconnects my computer from the internet), but once I’m disconnected, I can stay disconnected without the help of Freedom.

Two: morning writing helps. If I can get a thousand words down before noon, the rest of the day feels easy. For me, I think it’s an inertia thing. Once I’m going, I keep going.

And, three: I’m capable of more than I think I am. I doubt so much–will I ever write another book? Will that book be worth reading? What if the important people in my writing career read what I’ve written and point and laugh? What if I re-read what I’ve written and point and laugh?

It’s amazing what I put myself through. Pretty ugly, actually. (But I’m working on it! Promise!)

However. I have visual aids that help me! And one of those visual aids is a clip from a Rob Brezny horoscope that came through a couple weeks ago. Now, Rob Brezny’s horoscopes aren’t your usual horoscope fare. Mostly, they’re full of very sage thoughts about life in general, which I appreciate. Anyhow, the clip in question is this:

It’s your duty to stop doing your duty with such a somber demeanor and heavy tread. To keep from sabotaging the good it can accomplish, you’ve got to put more pleasure into it.

In other words, enjoy the process. Forget the rest of it. Control what I can control, which is the story. All that other stuff? Out of my hands.

So: tomorrow, more words. Yes. Words, glorious words!

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