News about a giveaway, and fly-by word update

First: next week, Ill be participating in the YAmazing Race, a virtual scavenger hunt of sorts where participants can play to win the chance of receiving some really fantastic Apocalysie books and swag (including a signed copy of SHADOWS CAST BY STARS). Details will be posted May 1.

Second: I’ll be having my own giveaway to celebrate the one-month-until-release of SHADOWS CAST BY STARS. That will take place on May 5, so stay tuned for those details, too. I haven’t quite worked out what I’ll be giving away (a signed copy for sure, and some sort of swag), but…you’ll get a sneak peak of SHADOWS CAST BY STARS! Yep, I’ll be posting the first chapter for folks to read. Exciting!

Third: Wordapalooza continues on. I just didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, due to busy-ness. Just didn’t want anyone to think I was slacking…

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