Launch Party Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is the launch party for my little book. I am more than a little nervous, and may, or may not, have had a few anxiety-induced nightmares about it (mostly of the no-one-showing-up variety). But, I will be there, and my book will be there, and my husband will be there, and more importantly, CUPCAKES will be there, so if nothing else, I won’t starve (starving is never good).

Launch party details are here!

Anyhow, should anyone out there want to toss me a have-an-excellent-launch thought or two, I would be so grateful. And, as a thank you, here’s a squirrel:


Also! Tuesday is RELEASE DAY (eeeeee!), so I will be giving away all sorts of nifty things in celebration of SHADOWS CAST BY STARS making its way into the world. This pleases me – I love giving things away!

And, an FYI: I have more-than-a-few emails to catch up on, but that probably won’t happen until next week. So, if you’re waiting for an email from me, I will answer, I promise! And apologies for the delay (which is my standard opening for just about every email I write these days…)

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