A little good news!

Gotta love it when my work day begins with my editor sending me a nice review of SHADOWS CAST BY STARS. From School Library Journal:

Two hundred years in the future, 16-year-old Cassandra, a Métis Indian with mysterious gifts, lives with her twin brother and father in the Pacific Northwest. A plague has killed off much of the population, but Others, people of aboriginal descent, have special antibodies that protect them from the disease. The blood of one Native American can save many other people; because of this, the government is hunting them. Cassandra and her family have managed to survive under these conditions while living by “the Old Way,” but when the plague returns, they flee for The Island, a protected space where Indians (of many different tribes and backgrounds) are able to live together safely. There Cassandra’s abilities quickly earn her an apprenticeship to the local healer and the attentions of the chief’s son, Bran. Unsurprisingly, the peace of the Island is short-lived and Cassandra must play a part in keeping her community safe. The feel of the story is far more fantasy than dystopian. The Island is a richly drawn setting and the Native American imagery feels authentic (the author is, herself, a member of the Métis tribe). Cassandra is a strong character, much more concerned with survival than with romance–though there is a romantic subplot. This is a good title to give to fantasy readers who like novels with tough female leads.

Yay for that!

And now, since the last of our summer visitors has departed and Olympic dressage has wrapped up (and how! Left me feeling all proud of how the sport is changing for the better, and motivated to get back on horse as soon as I can), it’s time to down-periscope into work. Yay work! Really! It’s been a while since I’ve felt enthused about my writing, but I am, and it feels great!

So, down-periscope on three, two, one….

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5 thoughts on “A little good news!

    1. Thanks, Cat. After some of the crud, it’s nice to know someone thinks I’m doing okay, ya know? So, onwards onto new things…

    1. At first glance I thought you wrote that you nominated me for the Booker, as in Man Booker, and I did a double take. But, thank you all the same! I’ll see if I can get a five-books-I-love post up soonish….

      Also, I’m going to be down your way in Sept. Will email with details – coffee?

      1. lol nice. And no worries: took me a month to do mine – couldn’t decide…. 😉

        And YES!!! 😀

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