Those of you who frequent these parts may have heard-tell that I’ve been dealing with an Achilles issue. Fortunately, I’ve been given the green light to begin exercise – hallelujah! I’m one of those people who needs to move, and as a result, this has been a rough summer. Normally, my husband and I are out hiking every moment we can, but because of the Achilles issue, I haven’t been able to do much of anything.

So, this past Sunday, I agreed to go on a short walk with Mikel, as the poor guy has been going a bit stir-crazy with me being out of commission. A short walk, he said. Fifteen minutes, to see a local landmark known as “The Abyss” (ominous, no?).

It turns out that the path to the Abyss is very poorly marked, and so, our fifteen minute walk turned into an hour long trek. We got there eventually, but…probably not the best thing for my poor leg. But, it survived, as did I, and I’m very glad we went, because….petroglyph!

Petroglyphs are mentioned a few times in SHADOWS CAST BY STARS. Mikel and I have come across quite a few in our hikes, though many petroglyphs are now underwater due to rising sea levels. Still, when I come across them, it’s a real treat – a sure sign that the place is special. After all, etching an image into rock isn’t something that happens overnight, and to etch it deep enough to withstand centuries of west coast rain? That’s pretty amazing.

In the next while, I’m hoping to do a few more posts about aspects of SHADOWS CAST BY STARS that have intrigued readers. Most of those will have to do with some of the supernatural creatures in the story (sisiutl and dzoonokwa, for example!), so if there are things you’ve wondered about, this would be a good time to ask!

Oh, and yes, we did find the Abyss, and an abyss it is – a huge fissure in the granite. Bit of a creepy place, I tell you!

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