In which I post an update about things that need updating

Reasons why I have not updated my blog recently:

1. I’ve been sick with a rotten, horrible, yucky cold. Still coughing, but the worst is over, I think. I hope.

2. Despite Le Cold/Plague, I’ve been working on finishing up my middle grade project. The latter half needed a complete rehaul, and, in my typical fashion, I had to wait and wait and wait for the solution to show up. Finally, it did, and I rewrote that latter half in four days. This is how I operate. I don’t suggest anyone tries it.

3. Fall has finally arrived. I love fall. I am happy. Later today, I’m going for a walk in the rain, and I might swish leaves.

4. I’ve got some SHADOWS CAST BY STARS related-news, but I can’t share….not yet. But, soon, I hope!

5. Next week, I’ll be visiting Timberline and Carihi high schools in Campbell River, and doing a signing at Coho Books, and also meeting up with a local librarian to discuss setting up some teen programming. Exciting! Nervous-making, but also, exciting!

6. Updates will continue to be scarce, because once I’ve handed the middle grade project off to my eyeballers and agent, I’ll be diving into rewrites for my Scheherezade-inspired project…which looks nothing like it once did, but that’s good.

And on that note, here’s a little Scheherzade of the Rimsky-Korsakov variety, just because! Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “In which I post an update about things that need updating

  1. I can’t wait to hear the news. 😀

    Also yay MG project! I’m also finishing up the final part of my MG. WHo knows, maybe we’ll be sub-buddies. Heh.

    And ooh Scheherazade story….*makes grabby hands*

      1. He’s in English 9, so that’s probably not the same thing. Too bad…he would’ve thought it very cool to have an author he sorta knows visit! Another time, hopefully.

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