A Wintery Walk

Today, the DH and I went out for a hike, the first real hike we’ve done since I got sick back in the beginning of December. I’m still coughing and hacking, but the worst is over (I think, I hope!) and it’s time to get back to regular exercise – something I haven’t really been able to do since the summer, what with the Achilles issue and then the October cold/plague, and then, this December bronchitis yuck.

All of which has been a huge reminder that I need to take better care of myself. I often don’t realize I’m run-down until it’s too late and then…it’s too late. This, I think, will be my 2013 theme: taking care of self, so that I’m healthy enough to take care of everything else. (And on that note, I am pathetically, entirely, and completely behind on everything – the cold plus two very sick cats who have required constant nursing has wreaked havoc on my ability to get anything done in the month of December. Apologies to any and all who have been affected by this…)

So, on that note, two photos I snapped while walking:

Blackberry on snow:

And Morrell Lake:

Happy almost 2013, everyone. Wishing you all a safe and prosperous New Year…

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