Shadows Cast By Stars



Chosen as a finalist for the Burt Award for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Literature!

Chosen as a finalist for the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Chosen as a Best Bet for 2012 by the Ontario Library Association!

Chosen as “top pick” by Strong Nations!

From Kirkus Reviews: Knutsson’s narrative is ambitious, twining together Pacific Northwest mythology, standard post-apocalyptic tropes and a coming-of-age story inflected with romance. Readers of Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian will recognize the harsh realities portrayed, albeit within the science-fictional framework. Knutsson’s language is often atmospherically beautiful…an absorbing read populated by characters hardly ever found in teen novels. (Science fiction. 12 & up)

From BookPage: In Shadows Cast by Stars, debut author Catherine Knutsson, herself a member of the Métis tribe, blends a contemporary feminist sensibility with Arthurian legends, Greek mythology and Native traditions to create a rich and captivating story.

From Quill and Quire, June 2012: One of Knutsson’s strengths is her ability to create fleshed-out characters that rarely fall into the simple categories of hero or villain. Several of the characters who come off as untrustworthy or dangerous prove to be sympathetic, or at least have the potential to redeem themselves. There’s a feeling that much more is lurking beneath the surface of this novel, one reason to hope it is the beginning of an ongoing series. There are plenty of untrodden paths left to explore in Knutsson’s exciting universe.

From Canadian Review of Materials: In her first novel, Canadian author Knutsson weaves together elements of science fiction, fantasy, aboriginal culture, Greek mythology, adventure and romance in order to create a unique young adult novel. The science fiction of Shadows Cast by Stars is not dependent on technology; it presents an interesting combination of a world which is futuristic and dystopian while, at the same time, it takes readers to a place where aboriginal culture and beliefs and the ‘old ways’ are inherent in society.  Knutsson has chosen to present a strong female character who stands up for what she believes in and shows both physical and moral courage throughout the novel. She is multi-faceted in that she also can be frightened when she realizes that her understanding of the spirit world only scratches the surface of the mysticism and magic in the other realm.  Knutsson brings the elements of the book to a satisfying conclusion, and yet one feels that there is more in store for Cassandra, her family, and the other characters on the Island. Perhaps we will see them in a sequel as Cass learns more about her abilities to heal and to form a connection with the world of spirits.
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